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A superior mass transportation infrastructure is essential to the economic sustainability and advancement of America’s cities and states. Beginning in the Industrial Revolution (late 18th -19th centuries) America led the world in developing a dominant and dynamic system of roads, bridges, and mass transportation. However, America’s transportation system is in critical condition: it’s in need of substantial upgrade. “The country’s infrastructure, particularly surface transportation, is certainly in sorry shape. The American Society of Civil Engineers rates the overall condition of our bridges as C+ and our roads and mass transit systems as D. Many of these structures, built decades ago, are reaching the end of their useful lives” (Leinberger, May 2017, p.22).

An effective and reliable public transportation system is of vital importance to major cities in the Northeast Corridor (Boston thru Washington, D.C.). This research project examines the ongoing problems and the potential solutions to improve the mass transportation systems of Washington, D.C. and the City of New York. It will examine the subway system problems of Washington, D.C. and New York City from historical, political, and ethnic  perspectives. It will also seek to set forth solutions to the subway system problems of these two major urban centers whose economic vitality are dependent on a modern and world-class mass transportation infrastructure.

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